AEON MALL have more than 100 tenants to enhance your vibrant life

Cinema XXI at AEON MALL Sentul City, 3F. CINEMA XXI is the largest cinema group in Indonesia which started its work in the entertainment industry since 1987, more than 27 years. Cinema XXI at AEON MALL Sentul City has 8 deluxe studios and 2 The Premiere studios. Of course, visitors will be pampered with a comfortable and elegant atmosphere because Cinema XXI at AEON Mall Sentul City has a Premium Lounge and XXI Cafe. The eight deluxe studios owned by Cinema XXI at AEON MALL Sentul City can certainly accommodate the great enthusiasm of film lovers who live or work in the Bogor area. And for those who want to watch in a more private and luxurious atmosphere, the 2 Premiere studios at Cinema XXI AEON MALL Sentul City are certainly the right solution. And to accompany your viewing experience, various types of snacks, snacks to soft drinks typical of XXI Cafe will also be served there. And for certain films, children can also enjoy special tumblers that are limited to depicting their idol characters. In addition to presenting films made by the nation's children, CINEMA XXI also shows world-class films. CINEMA XXI continues to follow technological developments by completing its facilities such as 2D and 3D. To improve service to the audience, there is also a cinema with the latest "Dolby Atmos" audio system which is now available on 22 Cinema XXI screens.