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Starting a journey as a brand that was born from the company founder's anxiety about the limited access to play in a special children's room, in 2007 Happy Kiddy was present by providing a safe and comfortable playground for children and parents in the process of growing and developing through a variety of activities offered. such as Indoor Adventure land, Train Rides and Kiddy Rides.

Along with the times and increasing access to information dissemination through the internet, this condition has become a challenge for some people, especially for young parents who inevitably have to educate and raise their children without being able to be separated from the elements of using the internet in every process. .

For this reason, in May 2019 HOORAY was present as a more premium face than Happy Kiddy by adding more educational and montessori-based elements in the hope that it could become the platform needed for every parent in Indonesia who wants their child to grow and develop more easily. well in the midst of the onslaught of the flow of information that is increasingly rapid with the times.
Let's Play, Let's HOORAY!